Ages 8,9,10 that calendar year

  • Full contact - tackle

  • Ball size - Wilson K2 

  • 6 players  - Center, 2 tackles (guards), quarterback, running back, receiver

  • Game play is setup on a quarter of the football field.

  • Average 20 plays on defence and 20 plays on offence.

  • No Special teams

  • Atoms usually practice 2 nights per week.

  • Games start after September long weekend.

  • 'Safe contact' teaches kids the proper way to tackle.  We want to keep our head out of the game and make sure proper technique is being followed.

  • Coaches ensure that kids feel comfortable in the positions they play to build confidence.  

  • Having a goal to work towards (like winning) is important, but the Wolverines want our kids to develop.  Rotating kids through positions is the only way they can get a feel for what they may excel at.

  • Practice is important, but you need to be able to put that hard work into a game. Kids play in all games and are not benched for incorrectly doing a play.