Atom Team

About the Team

Ages 8,9,10 that calendar year

Full contact - tackle

Ball size - Wilson K2

6 players - Center, 2 tackles (guards), quarterback, running back, receiver
Game play is setup on a quarter of the football field.

Average 20 plays on defence and 20 plays on offence.

No Special teams

Atoms usually practice 2 nights per week.

Games start after September long weekend.

'Safe contact' teaches kids the proper way to tackle. We want to keep our head out of the game and make sure proper technique is being followed.

Coaches ensure that kids feel comfortable in the positions they play to build confidence.

Having a goal to work towards (like winning) is important, but the Wolverines want our kids to develop. Rotating kids through positions is the only way they can get a feel for what they may excel at.

Practice is important, but you need to be able to put that hard work into a game. Kids play in all games and are not benched for incorrectly doing a play

Manager and Coaches


To be announced


Mike Hunka

Head Coach

Kelly Fleetham

Atom Director

Atom Team Schedule


At this time there are no dates scheduled for Atom Team practices in 2021. This is due to the current global pandemic.

We will update this page as soon as government guidelines dictate that outdoor team sports can commence.

Game Pictures