Refund Policy?

  • There is a $40.00 cancellation fee for any player who withdraws for any reason.
  • Registration refund (less cancellation fee) are 50% of the registration fee amount paid, until June 29th,2019.
  • There are no refunds after June 29,2019.

How do I Pay?

  • Payment's accepted are cash, cheque, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Online payment option is available or you can attend one of the many gym nights or registration events.
  • Equipment Deposit is required prior to picking up equipment and is in the form of a posted dated cheque. Posted dated to Nov, 30.
  • For additional information please contact the Registrar.

Age Categories?

Their age within the calendar year will determine what level you will register them.  Novice is flag football; all other age categories are tackle.
  • Novice- Ages 6,7,8
  • Atom- ages 7,8,9,10
  • Peewee-ages 11,12
  • Bantam-ages 13,14,15  - they will have to confirm grade.


  • Novice September 10-November 5
  • Atom June, August-October
  • Peewee June, August- Early November
  • Bantam June, August-Early November
  • There is no football in July!

Practice and Game Schedule?

  • Novice- 1 practice per week starting mid-august, optional. Game schedule is created by Football Alberta.
  • Atom-2/3 practices per week, one game per weekend starting mid-august.
  • Peewee/Bantam- 3 practices per week, one game per weekend starting after September long weekend. Schedule is provided by CDMFA.

Do all age groups play the same rules?

  • Novice - flag football   5 vs 5
  • Atom - Tackle football 6 vs 6, utilizing 1/4 of the football field. Controlled atmosphere with coaches on the field to facilitate plays.
  • Peewee/Bantam - Tackle football 12vs 12 full field CFL rules.


  • SCMFA/Wolverines supplies all equipment needed to play including helmet, shoulder pads, game jersey, pants, knee pads, belt and game socks.
  • Item not supplied are girdle, mouth guard, and cleats.  Girdles and mouth guards are for sale at time of pickup.  SCMFA has a large cleat bin full of gently used football cleats, we encourage parents to take advantage of this service.