Novice Team

About the Team

The Wolverines Novice Program is for our youngest players who have an interest in learning football.

It is a program for beginners. Here are some specific details about the Novice Program.

  • The Novice Program is open for boys and girls aged 7 and 8 that calendar year.
  • Novice teams play Flag Football - No contact
  • Novice teams have 5 players. Each season we'll have multiple Novice Teams based on the number of registrations, so everyone gets plenty of time on the field to practice their skills.
  • Novice Teams use the Wilson K2 Ball size. This is the same ball used at the youngest organized competitive level of the game, ideal for ages 6-9.
  • Game play is setup on a quarter of the football field.

Novice usually Practice 1 night per week and a Game on the weekends.

Novice Program begins in August.

Manager and Coaches


To be announced


Tyler Leibel

Head Coach

To be announced


Novice Team Schedule


At this time there are no dates scheduled for Novice Team practices in 2021. This is due to the current global pandemic.

We will update this page as soon as government guidelines dictate that outdoor team sports can commence.

Game Pictures