How do we minimize player injuries?

Coaches Training

Football is well known to have a positive effect on youth and gives them skills that they can use outside of football.  But like any sport, injuries are part of that risk when playing the game.

Football Canada offers a program called 'Safe Contact' that teaches coaches safe tackling and blocking techniques along with safety education and awareness.  On the tackling side, it teaches safe tackling that emphasizes making contact with the chest and front shoulder and not the head.  When blocking, it teaches that our primary contact is with the hands.

"All amateur teams and clubs that fall under Football Canada's umbrella now have until March 31 to have their head coaches and half of their assistant and position coaches Safe Contact trained." --- Football Canada

SCMFA Wolverines do make sure that we are following Football Canada's guidelines, and schedule training for new people who want to coach.



This is an very important position that each team requires.  For those that are new to football, it may sound like you need to know how to 'workout', but that doesn't accurately describe this position.

Their role requires first aid training and they are responsible for overall safety on the field.  We also require them to take an online course called "Making HeadWay in Football"; this course teaches how to recognize signs of a concussion.

They look for hazards that may be on the field, and are a central point of contact for anyone that is hurt.  The trainer (not the coach) decides if the player can go back into practice or game.

Its a volunteer position, and if its something that you can help with, we would love to have you signup when your team manager asks for volunteers. All courses required for this position are paid for by the Wolverines including the first aid.


We are always rotating out old equipment for new.  Helmets are our biggest expense.  Each helmet has a lifespan, and requires them to be re certified.  Once they have past their lifespan, they are replaced with new ones.



There has been a lot of focus on football concussions, and perception is that we have the highest rate of head injuries due to the full contact. However, according to Canadian Government statistics, youth football is lower than school gym and other sports like hockey.

If you would like more information on treating concussions you can visit this website: